Rolling/Salesman Rack

Made of 1" round tubing. 48" hangrail with two 12" pull-out rods. Height is adjustable at 55", 60" and 65". Has 4" ball bearing casters. Includes clips for hangrail storage and protective rubber bumpers. Collapsible.
*Chrome finish
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The ability to rapidly reposition goods around a store can make the difference between improving and flat sales, especially during seasonal swings. Likewise, it's often easier to make a pitch when an entire line of clothing can be moved for a customer's convenient inspection.  For this reason, Markang introduces a line of Rolling/Salesman Racks that feature a 48" hangrail and two 12" pull out rods that make displaying a number of goods at once easy.  With a height that can be adjusted to 55", 60", and 65", this rack holds items of varying size in a manner that looks visually proportioned and attractive.  Four 4" ball bearing casters ensure that moving the rack around a store or even at an on-site sales location is smooth and effortless, while clips for hangrail storage, rubber bumpers, and a collapsible frame allow for simple and damage-free transport.


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Rolling/Salesman Rack
Rolling/Salesman Rack