Acrylic Displays

Acrylic displays are transparent plastic jewelry or accessory displays that enhance the shopping experience by enabling the front and back of featured items to be seen simultaneously.  Items that are beneath those on the acrylic display, often in their own jewelry showcase, can also be viewed by the shopper without the need to crouch or step back.  Simply put, the advantage of acrylic displays is that they allow several different levels of sale goods to be browsed by a passing patron at the same time.

Markang Packaging stocks several types of acrylic displays, including the 1102 and 1102A Acrylic Risers, which are ideal for showing flat items such as wallets, the multi-layered, curving Acrylic Scroll 1452, which is useful for presenting items that would look more attractive in a group if recessed from the shopper, and vertically-oriented displays such as Acrylic Earring Display 1405.  Acrylic Neckline Displays 1676 and 1679 are ideal for displaying necklaces atop cabinets that are filled with other merchandise.  The model 1329 and 1330 Acrylic T-bars can display watches, bracelets, or any other looped jewelry or accessory. In addition, the 1328 Acrylic Slatwall can hold multiple bracelets or necklaces.